CASALABORATORIO is the intersection of two cultures, experiences and skills. At the same time it has similar design tastes in general, with an emphasis on experimentation and handmade. In this context, diversity brings the desire to create products for our home, without machinery but through craft techniques and methods, like a real workshop “laboratory”.


The pieces presented for INTERNATIONAL DESIGN EXPO 2015 – DDW include pure materials that are normally relegated to architecture and construction, such as concrete, and done by using basic methods to create adequate solutions for various stiles, functions and spaces. Wood processed with simplicity and fantasy -as the main tool to give shape to the idea-, which was born in the mind and stays there without drawings or projects, create unique shapes for each piece. Through interpreting shapes, creating shadows, reaching the result cut after cut. More sculpture than furniture, more alive, than being inert as an object. Free to be interpreted… Concret and moss create small living atmospheres that are able to permeate the impermeable, taking the value of the essence of what the garden has already been once.



I come up as a mechanical manufacturer, however I’m looking for passionate and moldable materials in the very near future: wood, cement, resin. Of that world I keep dexterity and passion for all the tools. I moved away a few years from mechanics just the time to realize that Interior Design & Furniture have always been latent passions for me. Here, I wheeled out technical skills in using tools, but this time with a focus for the wood. I come in the restoration world as a game, learning to enjoy guidelines of times gone, occasionally mixed them with the present trends and transforming classical furnishings into everlasting and unique pieces.


Brazilian’s Designer, for many years in Italy. The way that I chose, allowed me to communicate the various design disciplines with each other and not only / further. I have a taste for the diversity. What’s
new, attracts me. I value the stories and how they are told. With the flair for the dexterity, I project, transforming what could be a story, a moment and a detail. With attention to the environment and human beings, I cherish in experimenting the pleasure of discovery. 


CHRISTIAN FREGNAN // +39 347 3939211
VIVIANNE MEDEIROS // +39 392 6881772