Wednesday 21 – Sunday 25 October 2015 | Beursgebouw Eindhoven | FREE ENTRANCE

The Inter National Design Expo is a high-quality event that provides a stage to national and international producers and designers. This expo is all about design and innovation. This five-day event translates the appeal of the Dutch Design Week to direct sales opportunities for suppliers. 
This expo is a melting-point of pioneers and creative young talents, producers and business owners who initiate design and innovation. An ‘open studio’ feeling, a breeding ground where mutual knowledge and passion is exchanged. A place where a new form of chemistry arises and new products, conceptual ‘findings’ and proven successes will get the proper attention and exposure that they deserve. A natural place where designers and businesses are connected: crossing borders/ no limits.


The first edition of the expo takes places from 21 – 25 October 2015, at Beursgebouw Eindhoven.


Opening hours:

  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 08:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 08:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 08:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 08:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 05:00 PM





Inter National Design Expo has international and business characteristics and is aimed at an audience of 50,000 visitors. The visitors are from the high middle segment and the top segment and consist of buyers, press and commercial visitors. International visitors and incoming trade missions are also attracted. This event has the potential to grow into an international design magnet to the example in Milan.

Admission is free for all visitors.



Design is the standard. Not only the exhibited designs are artistic, innovative and high quality, also the design and decoration of the expo radiates design. The exhibition hall will be divided into several ‘country’ pavilions, individual stands and squares where the designs can be categorized in various sectors, such as interior, life science, fashion, technology, lifestyle & healthcare and automotive.

During or after visiting the exhibition, guests are able to grab a bite to eat or savour a drink. The available ‘pop up catering service’ is innovative, represents commercial value and is, of course, decorated according the design character. In addition, visitors can relax in the design lounge area and do some networking during the planned events and meetings. They can also take part in workshops and buy designs in the daily shop.

Anyone that designs on a professional level is invited to participate in the expo to present his or her creations and designs. The focus is not only on established names but also on new and young talent. Promising designs, smart solutions and artistic creations, everything is possible. The Inter National Design Expo offers the possibility for designers to be seen by professional press and the general public. Especially for this target group we’re creating ‘Inter Talent Hotspots’ on the main floor.



Alan Boom | Alias | Atelier Marjolein Linders | Bend | Bend-It | Besouw | bogaerts labelBoley Borek parasols outdoor furniture | BYLEI | Casa Laboratorio | Charlies | Christiaan Lieverse | Craftzz | Culimaat Daphna Laurens | De Bever Architecten | DJ ICONNIC | EBCEliens | Elisa Strozyk | Erez Nevi Pana | Erik Kuster by Borek | Felt Elements / The Wool Studio | Francesco ZorziFrans van Rens by Borek | Ghyczy | Giorgetti |  Gusj | Hellen van Rees | HenrYette Design | Jokjor | Joost van Bleiswijk | Kiki van Eijk | Koek verlichting  | Koop Kantoormeubelen | Kroonjuweel | Kunstkeuken | Marike | Meubelmakerij Mertens | Mieke Meijer | NOVALLI, gloves and moreOs & Oos | Pilat | Pjez Unik | Porsche Centrum Eindhoven (Studio Job) | PresTop | Red WoodrENs | RetroWorks | RF Objects  | Robb.Zilla | Sp8ce | STAD Objectart | Studio Must | Take A Seat Please | Tesla MotorsTwo-o | Van en Veld | Veloretti | Vsoundbox | Wiktoria Szawiel  | Wolterinck by Borek  



EXHIBITION KIKI & JOOST, rENS, Os & Oos, Mieke Meijer, Daphna Laurens en Christiaan Lieverse.

A special co-presentation, named ‘Open Studio’, by modern designers at INDE. Each designer exhibits their vision through an object.

Check out their exhibition


October 22, 3 – 5 PM
Creative debate between professionals
Location: Beursgebouw Eindhoven

Is there a possible synergy between DDW and the core ambition of this new expo: IN-DE?

During this debate, fifteen design professionals will discuss if they believe in the added-value of INDE to DDW. Specialist with different professions, f.e. designers, trade and industry representatives, (regional) government, retail, etc. will join this debate. TALKS | will be lead by a professional chairman. All ideas, recommendations, ways of thinking and applications will be recorded and formed into INDE 2016.

 TALKS |  program
2.30 pm – start of reception
3 pm – welcome by chairman, start of debate
4.45 pm – general conclusion/ output by chairman
5 pm – informal gathering with bites and drinks



The Dutch Design Week has grown into a large-scale and international annual event. Design takes centre-stage during the nine days of the Dutch Design Week. This fi ts perfectly into the mission of Eindhoven to profi le itself as a design and technology region and to strengthen the design climate. Therefore, the expo fi ts well with this mission. The edition in 2014 attracted around 250,000 visitors and has a great appeal to potential exhibitors, sponsors and other stakeholders. Sections that return every edition is the ‘Graduation Show’ of the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Dutch Design Awards. In addition, there are exhibitions and lectures throughout the whole city. More than 80 locations are part of the DDW, with over 2100 exhibitors.



Donderdag 22 oktober, 15.00 – 19.00 u

DJ ICONNIC, powered by RF Objects
Zaterdag 24 oktober, 18.00 – 20.00 u
Zondag 25 oktober, 14.00 – 17.00 u

Op zaterdag en zondag zal de Pop Up bar Open Studio het hart vormen van de INDE. DJ ICONNIC, powered by RF Objects, zal garant staan voor ‘music design’ waarbij u kunt genieten van de beste TUNES, DRINKS & BITES in de Open Studio.



Several reception areas, catering formulas and additional meeting rooms will be created during the Expo, to welcomingly receive international visitors. Of course, the core values of Eindhoven (Technique, Design and Knowledge) will be present here.
Sponsors, partners, target groups, companies and institutions have the opportunity to participate in special packages. There is also a possibility to have a program custom made. Feel free to contact us for all possibilities.

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